Mimi Frisco was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. She also moved around to various places as a child of a military vet. So, she has experienced diversity being from one of the most unique and multi-cultured Cities in the USA and experienced living in different places.

The entertainment bug hit Mimi since she was a baby. She would need to listen to music to fall asleep as an infant and by the time she was in Elementary School she would sing and write her own songs to her toys. In Middle School and High School she joined her school(s) choir and also took a few theater and in front of the camera acting classes. She knew what she wanted to do although she faced the adversity of attending 5 Middle Schools and 3 High Schools because of moving around, which is part of growing up a military child.

When she graduated High School, Mimi moved back home to San Francisco and started runway modeling for a local clothing hip hop company. She also modeled Brazilian lingerie and sang leader or backup in a few live shows. She also had a featured speaking role in an independent film. She took a break from pursuing anything in the entertainment industry to work full time and attend College.

While in College, the entertainment bug never left Mimi. She attended a local Community College to study broadcasting to learn about what it takes to work behind the scenes in the media industry. She graduated with an Associate’s Degree and even landed a feature role in a theater production called “Time of your Life”.

Currently, Mimi is a free-lance Plus Size Model and pursuing other aspects of the entertainment industry. As you can see, Mimi has a long history of passion and interest in the entertainment and media industry.

When you book Mimi, you will book a professional, motivated, and ambitious woman.